As expert in the field of design, development, management and evaluation of zoological and animal parks, Fox Consulting assists its clients to strive towards the standards of 21st century's zoos.

Fox Consulting combines rare and specific skills required to answer to the challenges of any animal project.

Among other tasks, we take part in definition or feasibility studies, in the design and implementation phases, or in supporting management and monitoring of compliance.

The strengths and uniqueness of our consultancy are its ability to respond effectively and pragmatically to the issues raised. We work in harmony with the essential bodies and partners involved in the design and implementation of zoological institutions, including landscape designers, botanists, architects, engineers, economists, scenographers, as well as the administrative and control departments.

Animals are the main values of any zoo; therefore our team's task is to inform our partners about the species specific features, as well as the biological requirements necessary for any project.

Some projects: